Sustaining Gladesville Reserve Incorporated


Sustaining Gladesville Reserve Inc. is an Incorporated Association registered in NSW for the purpose of representing the community in relation to changes proposed at Gladesville Reserve, which is Crown Land administered by Hunters Hill Council.

Gladesville Reserve is located beside Victoria Road at Henley, 8km west of Sydney city centre. The reserve contains bushland, a range of community facilites evolved from an old bowling club, and open space recreation areas.

One of these open space areas is partly used by a soccer club (All Saints Hunters Hill Football Club – ASHHFC) that has asked Council to upgrade the playing surface.

In this context, Sustaining Gladesville Reserve Inc. has been formed with the following objects:

  1. To advocate for the preservation of Gladesville Reserve as a community asset accessible to all members of the community
  2. To advocate for the retention of an unfenced natural grass playing field at Gladesville Reserve
  3. To encourage the involvement of the community in the decision-making processes of local, state, and federal governments that impact Gladesville Reserve.

Sustaining Gladesville Reserve Inc. has adopted the NSW Government’s model Constitution for Incorporated Associations and copy is available here.

Membership is open to all members of the community, and the membership form is available on our website at